Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I blinded myself with science. SCIENCE!

Please note that I didn't actually blind myself with science. In terms of my eyesight, everything is as it should be. What I did do, was blow my own mind with my awesome ideas.

A while ago I got into some pretty crazy stuff with my oatmeal experimentation, the highlight of which was the discovery of adding Nutella to quick oats. Prior to the addition of the water and cooking portion of the process, it looks kind of gross. One of my coworkers (Either Craig or Angus, I can't remember.) lovingly described it as looking like "a turd covered in kitty litter." Don't let that phase you. Add the water, and what you get is a little bit of awesome.

ANYWAYS, this morning I was in a mad rush to get out the door and in preparing my usual oats and brown sugar I decided to throw in some roasted pumpkin seeds. When I got to work and went to add the water in... well, I'm not going to lie to you. It looked really weird. But it tasted yumtastic!

AND.. as an added bonus, I discovered that pumpkin seeds have quite a bit of tryptophan in them. This means that in half an hour I will either be really, really sleepy or really, really happy since tryptophan stimulates the release of both melatonin and seratonin.

So basically, I have just proved once again that I am a frickin' genius.

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