Thursday, February 14, 2008

PC Load Letter? What the f@&* does that mean?

According to the internet, it is when you need to insert the proper size of paper in the printer. It also means "FRIG OFF YOU STUPID PIECE OF MACHINERY, I HATE YOU WITH THE FIRE OF A THOUSAND FRIGGING SUNS!" That is what I say when it gives me fuckered up error messages.

So go to print a page and the thing starts beeping at me. It wants me to put letter sized paper in the manual feed. (EVEN THOUGH THERE IS LETTER PAPER IN THE EFFING TRAY ALREADY BECAUSE WHO THE HELL USES LEGAL PAPER BESIDES LAWYERS???) So I put some letter paper in the manual feed and press the button like it tells me to. It swallows all of it up at once and BEEEEP BEEEEP BEEEEEP! Now there is a paper jam.

It tells me to open up the back door, so I do and pull out the paper. I close everything back up and hit the button again. BEEEEP! BEEEEEP! BEEEEEEEP! Paper jam! Open the front door, then the upper front door, then take out the cartridge and then pull out the paper. FUCK!

Finally the stupid whore machine prints out the pages I need FROM THE TRAY and this is when I realise that I am living the real life version of Office Space. Seriously. You think I am joking?

They moved my desk 2 times this month.

I can't wait to beat the crap out of that thing.

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Anonymous said...

Did you buy a red swingline stapler yet???