Monday, February 18, 2008

It's like, totally faux.

Today my mother is not at work, due to the fact that she is a union member (Teamsters, yeah!) and they have graciously provided her with a BULLSHIT MADE UP HOLIDAY!!!!! They like to call it "Heritage Day". It is also known as "Family Day" in several other provinces of this great country of ours.

IT SUCKS. IT SUCKS BECAUSE I HAVE TO WORK. Whatever. Have a nice time on your made up holiday, Mommy.

ANYWAYS, in honour of this holiday I am going to play a little game. It is called Jeopardy and this dude is going to help me play it:

Hey, look at that, it is Alex Trebek! Let's do this.

AT: "Sarah, choose a category."

Me: "Alright, I'll take "Crap That Makes Me Angry" for 400, Alex. "

AT: "Answer - This is what you would call it when one of the departments at work gets to frig off for part of the day because they are getting their offices moved in the middle of the day, while you were forced to work a full day and then stay LATE because they made you move at the END of the day."


AT: "Sarah..."

Me: "What is 'a huge friggin' rip off.'"

AT: "Correct!"

Arrrrgh. February can suck it.

At least I got 400 meaningless points in fake Jeopardy.

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