Saturday, February 02, 2008

Giddy up.

With a few exceptions, it is generally thought that movie sequels are never as good as the original films. I was thinking that while I was watching Young Guns II.

But then I become confused.

As it turns out, Young Guns II is way crazier than regular Young Guns. I had completely forgotten about two things:

1) Ummmm... BLAZE OF GLORY??? That song is so rad. Plus, Jon Bon Jovi has a tiny little cameo appearance. How is that not awesome? Dang.

2) Weirdo Gil Grissom from CSI Vegas is totally in this movie. Normally that would not be awesome, because he is supremely annoying. However, in this case there is a part where he happens to look sort of like an old-timey version of Wolverine, sans giant claws. WTF? That's crazy! (It should be noted that he does shave his face and looks normal again. It is not the same after that.)

Oh, 1990. You were so wacky. I love you for that.

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