Monday, August 04, 2008

All growed up.

My little sister is going to move out of our parents house in a few months. Eeeek! She's only 21... and seeing as though I was not able to handle that kind of scary grown-upness until I was 24, I can understand why she is so nervous. She seems far more prepared than I ever was. Today she went out and bought a set of Gordon Ramsey pots and pans, which are made by Royal Doulton. THAT SHIT IS CRAZY! They come in special storage bags so you can keep them shiny and unscratched. They were crazy expensive, and I can't even imagine myself spending that much on kitchenware. Shoes, yes. Crap for my house? NO.

My mom was all proud and telling her about how she will probably never have to buy another set of them ever again, because these ones are so good. Since she is moving in with her boyfriend, it kind of makes sense for her to spend money on these things. But for some reason, I can't imagine spending money on things like that just for me. It always seems like that is the kind of thing you buy when you get married... or someone else gets it for you as a wedding present.

So basically what I am saying here is that my sister has fancy pots and pans, and I cook with the cheapest stuff from Ikea, which aren't even actually mine because I am pretty sure Lydia bought them. And I don't know how I feel about that.


Anonymous said...

It's a wise investment and you would be surprised... Buying pots and pans is MORE rewarding than shoes or handbags.

Lydia said...

Hey, my Ikea pots aren't the cheapest. And I'm marrying into Lagostina pots anyway.

sarah said...

You know, Lagostina pots aren't that expensive. We looked at them when she bought her schmancy ones. You can even get them for a reasonable price at Costco.

Also, my mom just informed me that once upon a time my grandma had an ENTIRE SET of Le Creuset pots. They were orange. She gave them all away. Now they cost around $250 PER POT! Insane.