Friday, August 15, 2008

The Phantom Menace

So I have this shitty little radio that sits on my desk. I have it there to rescue me from the lovely sounds of soft rock hits from yesterday AND today... which is actually not lovely at all. In fact is is awful. So that's why I have the radio... which admittedly is sometimes just as bad as the soft rock, but it is usually much better, because sometimes they play that "Everybody Everybody" song by Black Box, which makes me laugh.

So this stupid little radio has recently been taken over by some crazy phantom that likes to randomly increase and decrease the volume. It is creepy, yo! Not only is it creepy, but it has also become highly embarrassing.

You see, it has this little habit of waiting for the worst songs to come on, and THAT is when it turns the volume up! Just this morning, I was working away and some shitty Tracy Chapman song comes on and up goes the volume. What if someone had been standing there? They would be all, "Whoa, she really likes Tracy Chapman." WTF? I have to work with these people! I don't need them thinking these things about me! How friggin' embarrassing!

I am far too cheap to purchase a new radio, so for now I will look up some sort of "get rid of phantoms quick" spell on the Internet. IT BETTER WORK, BECAUSE SOMETIMES THEY PLAY THE MOODY BLUES AND IF THE VOLUME GOES UP WHEN THAT HAPPENS I WILL BE ENRAGED.

PS: I had too much caffeine today. CAN YOU TELL? DID THE CAPS LOCK GIVE IT AWAY?

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Anonymous said...

OMG! That used to happen to my stereo and it freaked me out! I have since thrown it away after a long 12 year relationship with it