Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I think maybe I'm tired.

Okay. So first things first. In order to understand the following hilarious transcription of Facebook interaction, you will need to know who Galen Weston is.

Laaaaaaaadies! He's totally hot, right?

So, ANYWAYS... I noticed that my sister had this awesome quote on her Facebook profile. "Bullshit you had the flu! You had the I'm afraid of Patrick Swayze!" So I wrote this note on her wall:

Hey dorkus. Question: Where did you hear the quote you have about Swayze??? That shit is funny. FACT: A young Patrick Swayze can be seen as a backup dancer in the video for the Toto hit "Rosanna". YOU DID NOT KNOW THAT, DID YOU?

She then explained that it was from an episode of Trailer Park Boys. But that is not the point. After I wrote that, I totally got the song Rosanna stuck in my head. So I re-wrote the lyrics and posted it as my status:

Sarah ♪will meet you all the way, *DA-NA-NA!* Galen Wes-ton, yeah...♫.

Then when she asked me if I meant the guy from President's Choice I said "Indeed. He's so hot he's making me sexist. BOOM!"

And then I LOL'd for reals.



Anonymous said...

You twittered about elvis hair? haha.

sarah said...

Yeah, dude. But do you know how long it took me to remember her name? I had to google that shit.

michelle x said...

hey sarah, i work for a No Frills, Galen comes into my store all the time!!!!