Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My mommy loves me.

Conversation with my mother from this weekend:

MOM: "After this year, I'm done with stockings. DONE. Your brother and Ashley live together, so they can take care of their own stockings. Same with your sister. She'll be living with Myles by then so they are on their own!"

ME: "..."

MOM: "I'll just do one for your father... and don't worry, I guess I can still do one for you too."

ME: "Wow. Okay. Thanks Mom. I'M SORRY I'M SUCH A BURDEN TO YOU."

MOM: "It's okay."

LOLZ! She loves me so much that she has committed to filling my stocking until I reach the age of 60, at which point we will re-evaluate the situation. HAHAHA! BEING SINGLE IS SO HILARIOUS!


Anonymous said...

Once you are no longer single this stocking business will stop. Mom also said 'm allowed to take Dee Dee for sleepovers :)

sarah said...

It's cool, man. Cause Mom is like, THE BEST at buying stuff for stockings. So mine is always going to be better than yours. TAKE THAT!

What the crap? As soon as I no longer live with cats, Dee Dee is totes coming to my house for sleepovers. And she will LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

lol, you should see Dee playing in the snow today, so friggin' cute.

Anonymous said...

Being single isn't so bad. Just remember what Jordan Knight said:

"Getting married is not hip right now."

Anonymous said...

Not cool. I'm single and my Ma gives me jack S**T in the stocking dept. I do get a lot of leftovers, though, but really, how does that compare?

Cool stocking stuffers vs. old food.

My mom treats me like a homeless person. A homeless person who has to get his own stockings. What up with that?