Sunday, December 28, 2008


Friends, I have finally made it back home!

I couldn't get home on Boxing Day cause it was too snowy and my Dad didn't feel like driving me home. I didn't come home on Saturday because we decided that it would be much more fun for me to stay another night so that we could go shopping on Sunday morning.

Despite all the rain yesterday, the streets all around my neighborhood are still TERRIBLE! My mom could only get the minivan about a block away from my house, (any closer and we surely would have been stuck!) so I had to grab as much as I could carry and run it into my house before going back for the rest of it. Thankfully, my sister helped me out, so it was much faster.

Now I'm finally home. I'll admit, it was actually really fun being stranded with my family. I got to play in the snow with my sister and nephew on Christmas Eve, play Wii all morning and eat dinner with my giant family on Christmas, spend an entire day in pj's and sweatpants with my mom on Boxing Day, play in the snow some more with my Dad and my dog, and go shopping with my Mom and sister! *whew*

And NOW... it's laundry time. The fun just does not stop with me.

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Kat said...

The weather is CRAZY!!! I can't believe it, only I see pictures so I kinda can.

If it makes you feel better it'll be -49 here with the wind chill this afternoon.