Monday, December 01, 2008

Back in the saddle again.

Today was my first day back at work from my super awesome staycation. This working thing is less than awesome. I feel very sleepy and have a severe case of the "I don't want to be heres". I thought I had found the cure for those (which was applesauce) but I was wrong. It just made my tummy a little upset... so now I REALLY don't want to be here.

But there is good news, friends! My friend who currently lives in northern Alberta (gah!) just called me and she is in town. She is coming to pick me up at work and has promised me things such as tea and wonderful chats. Yay! This is also awesome because it means that I don't have to carry a giant sewing machine home on the bus. WOOT. (That is not as weird as it sounds. A lovely coworker of mine is letting me borrow her sewing machine while she is on vacation for a month. So she left it for me at work. RAD!)

The only thing I have to remember is to make sure I do not drink any caffeinated tea. I had some trouble getting back into my regular sleeping patterns last night. Frig. I mean, who actually gets up before 11am if they don't have to? NOT THIS KID.

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