Friday, December 26, 2008

On snow.

As you can gather from my last post, Christmas Eve had me quite stressed out. By the time I got out to my parents' house I was tried, hungry and miserable. 

But, in the end it was worth it. It was so much fun spending Christmas Eve and morning with my parents, sister, and my brother and his family. My nephew is 5 now, and it was pretty fun watching him get SO EXCITED about the whole thing.

My parents got a Wii for my brother's family and so you can guess what we did all morning. And now I want one. So fun! My nephew turned out to have a natural ability to kick ass at Wii Boxing, which was 100% hilarious to watch. 

It is snowing AGAIN as I speak, so it looks like I'm here for another night at least. Which isn't the WORST thing ever cause my mom is cooking another turkey for dinner! Nom nom nom.   

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