Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Suck it, Christmas.

I know. You are all, "Whoa, you are such a Grinch for posting that title on Christmas Eve!" And me? I'm all, "Yeah? Well, SUCK IT!"

If you had been through what I had been through today, you might also be of the same mindset. 

Since it was snowing like a mother-you-know-what-er, the snow on my unplowed side street was just far too deep for me to get my car out. So I was forbidden by my mother from trying to drive. My dad was being grumpy and refused to come pick me up. So this meant that my only option was to get on the old Skytrain. Which NORMALLY would have been fine. 

I made it to the train station in good time, but as soon as I got there the platform was PACKED with people. This meant that when the train finally did get there, I could not get on the train with my two giant bags because people are all self-serving assholes and budged in front of me even though I had been waiting for WAY longer then they had. 

After 3 trains passed me in 30 mins, one of them came back into the station backwards. A tree had fallen on the tracks and they couldn't move eastbound until it was cleared, which would take 30 mins. A bunch of people bailed at that point, freeing up just enough space for me to stand with my giant bags and my giant purse. 

An hour later I am still standing on the train. They assure us it is almost done. 

2 hours later, and seriously REALLY almost done. "You might as well keep waiting. It won't be long now!"

3 hours later and it FINALLY gets moving. After 2 stops I finally got a seat and was able to sit for the rest of the ride out to Surrey.

By the time I finally set foot in my parents' house it was a full 5 hours after I had left my house. I had been standing for 3 hours and hadn't eaten since breakfast at 7:30am. So yes, I yelled on the phone at my mom and sister. I'm not going to apologize for it either. 


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