Thursday, February 12, 2009

I love science, but not when it effs up my breakfast.

A friendly tip from me to you:

Do not put psyllium power in your oatmeal. Unless, of course, you really like eating a giant bowl of gelatinous goo. Yuck.

Don't do it!


Anonymous said...

i bought psyllium husks a couple years ago... and could never really figure out the right way to incorporate them into food without ruining the food.
let me know how you do with that.

sarah said...

I have had much success with putting them in my morning smoothies. I usually just have a banana smoothie for breakfast, which consists of the following:

1 banana, some probiotic yogurt, soy milk, a scoop of vanilla protein powder and 1 tbsp of psyllium. It doesn't make it taste weird, and doesn't make the texture unpleasant.