Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Screw it, I'm moving to Detroit.

I just read this blog post by Matthew Good and it kind of freaked me out a little. Lydia and I had this same conversation last night, after hearing about ANOTHER shooting in Vancouver. It seems like you hear more and more about violent acts in this city. I've always thought that maybe that was just due to the ever expanding media coverage of such things, but maybe not. It certainly seems like it's getting worse.

Three years ago when I first moved back to Vancouver proper, I wasn't afraid in my neighborhood at all. It's all residential with young families, and was generally quiet. However, in the past year I have been kept awake by circling police helicopters on a few different occasions. In the past year there have been at least 3 times when we have been warned of random violent attacks on women waiting at bus stops in our general area. It's total bullshit.

It is getting worse, that is for sure. But is it as bad as they say it is? If so, I'll be considering a move to somewhere else. Like, in AMERICA. I've heard good things about that place...


Anonymous said...

In america you can have pepper spray and a gun. sweet.

brie said...

And a chalupa.