Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's funny because it's true.

Did you see this tweet of mine today?

"Hippie parents are never disappointed in you, which is nice.
But they also make you read Eckhart Tolle and talk about your
feelings. UH-OH."

That really happened. So in an effort to make my hippie parents proud, I finally finished the fucking book. (A New Earth) It only took me like, A YEAR.

I would read half a chapter and need to stop. He says "God" a lot. Why a heathen such as myself agreed to read a book on spirituality is beyond me. However, it did seem to offer up some suggestions on how to deal with stress and anxiety (which I have) and how to deal with an existential crisis. (Which I am not *exactly* having, but maybe sort of.)

I don't know what I have taken from it yet, but I do know that the reason my hippie parents made me read it is because they worry about me and would like me to learn how to calm the fuck down. Which is really very sweet of them. Awwww.
But yeah, Oprah can suck it.

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