Sunday, March 01, 2009

What's up, sleep? What. Is. Up.

Hey! It's you! I bet you are sleeping right now! I am not.

I should probably never be allowed to have coffee EVER AGAIN.

Did you know how BORING the Internet is when no one else is on it? I might as well be living in the 90's, when insomnia was this boring simply because 2am phone calls were frowned upon.

You know what? I'm not doing this alone. I'm taking you with me. LIVEBLOGGING STYLES.

1:42am: Not sleeping. Writing this.

1:45am: Just checked twitter again. Nothing.

1:46am: Woooooooo! I got an email!

1:47am: It was just from Fuck.

1:49am: SERIOUSLY.

1:52am: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

1:54am: I hate Facebook even more in the middle of the night.

1:57am: Just noticed that I have like, 7 tabs open. Many of them on the same sites. Huh.

1:59am: Just hanging out. With my eyes wide open. In the dark.

2:01am: When you turn on Facebook chat at 2am, it says "0 Friends". So that's nice for the self-esteem.

2:05am: It occurs to me that I have never had to climb out my window before. I bet I could make it look quite graceful.

2:08am: Somewhere in the world, it is an entirely appropriate time to be awake.

2:11am: Someone else is awake on twitter! I KNEW IT.

2:13am: I need to make friends with people in completely different time zones. That would make this much more enjoyable and convenient.

2:16am: I think I just read the entire Internet.

2:18am: 2:18am is for assholes.

2:20am: Is it just me, or is Google Analytics like, the creepiest shit EVER?

2:24am: Well, now I'm just getting upset.

2:25am: I want... something...

2:30am: I can haz sleepburger?

2:31am: What? Your face doesn't make sense!

2:34am: Today I learned that if you flirt on twitter it is called "twirting". Which actually makes me feel a little ill. The word, not the actual flirting.

2:38am: If I move to Chilliwack, I can get a sweet deal on an apartment. OR I could stab myself in the eye. Both are kind of the same thing.

2:40am: Thumbs... can't sleep... this guy.

2:41am: I'm trying this again. For real. Computer off. Brain off. Sleep on.



Lydia said...


sarah said...

At the time, it was NOT awesome. But thanks! I'M GLAD YOU ENJOYED MY SUFFERING YOU JERK.

Jim said...

"Just hanging out. With my eyes wide open. In the dark."

I'm totally going to use this on Stephanie tonight.

Anonymous said...

this is great.... i live in ontario and constantly find myself calling people on the west coast at ungodly hours... but being on the west coast you are shit out of luck...

on a side note, new pornographers... never really got into it... but after reading that i have to find the record... i'm also up for peoples personal passion for records..mine is by the swirlies it called... gasp.... "they spent their wild youthful days in the glittering world of the salons."

Anonymous said...

holly fuck have you ever clicked on the wheel chair next to the word verification... it is the weirdest thing i have ever heard... i have to stop myself from clicking it...i can't though...what is wrong with me...