Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Allow me to explain myself.

Yes. I really did crawl under my desk today. In a short dress. While I was under there, someone brought me a pillow. Then someone else walked into the office and I had to stay under there and hide from them so they would not discover my secret hiding spot.

BUT, I had a good reason! I was like, REALLY tired after lunch. I had my head down on my desk and was mumbling about being soooooooo sleepy. It was then that I happened to look down and take notice of just how spacious it really is under my desk. So I sat up and asked my coworker if he thought I could fit under there. He said I could, and that if I pulled my chair in no one would be able to see me. You know, just like George Costanza. So I made sure there was no one coming down the hallway and I crawled up under there.

"Hey! It's actually pretty awesome under here! But, you know... mind the wires."

One of my coworkers jumped up and grabbed a little pillow from the seating area and brought it over. It was remarkably comfortable under there.

"Seriously, guys. I don't think you understand. I could totally Costanza this thing up. It'll be great!"

Just then, someone walked into the office. He stood there for a really long time, talking to one of the guys. The entire time he was there I was curled up under my desk, hugging my knees and trying to stifle my giggle fit. Because I am five years old.

As soon as he left, I crawled out, put the pillow away and got back to work. Cause I'm a grown up, yo. That's how we roll.


Anonymous said...

i like finding proof that life is truly just like seinfeld, instead of thinking that seinfeld imitated life.

Anonymous said...

i used to do the same thing at the radio station, lol.
i always called it "pulling a george"
it was code for my nap time.
i also had a mini fridge beside my desk full of beer... and sometimes i'd go under my desk to have a beer and relax after lunch.

you know... sometimes when i tell stories about working there, it's not surprising i don't work there anymore, lol.