Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Hitler Wears the Exact Opposite of Prada.

So, remember how the guy who owns the vending machine where I work looks like Hitler? True story. He does. It is kind of terrifying. I'm always afraid that I will run into him when I go downstairs. It would be weird because he'd be thinking, "Why is she looking at me like that? What a jerk." Of course, he won't know that it is because I'm standing there looking at him and thinking, "OMG, HITLER."

I suspect everyone else has this same reaction to him. Which is probably why he gets away with hiking up the prices so much. I went down there today to see about some Cheetos, (Which were not there, btw. I ended up with Sour Cream & Bacon Ruffles. They do not taste like bacon. I feel robbed.) and as I stood in front of the vending machine, I was appalled by what I saw. Chips used to cost $1. Now they cost $1.15. $1.15!!!! This is highway robbery!

In my dreams, I am brave enough to confront him about his business practices. Via strongly worded note, of course. But in reality, I am hungry. So I look at the price and think, "OMG, HITLER." and I pay. Out of pure fear.


Anonymous said...

we stood up to our snack guy and told him it's $.75 or take the machine outta here. he changed it back to $.75. dang snack nazi's.

thanks for always being worth 2-3 good laughs a day!

sarah said...

Something tells me that Hitler would probably not react well to being given an ultimatum...