Friday, March 13, 2009

Some things.

I decided that today is a day for pushing personal boundaries. So I am sporting what I believe to be "work appropriate cleavage." I don't know if it worked. I didn't get a raise or anything. YET. Technically I'm still here for half an hour, so I guess anything is possible.

In other news, I have eaten about 17 pounds of candy today. I'm really taking it to the limit. The closest I have come to eating real actual food was an oatmeal cookie. It had raisins in it. That's something, I guess. Then I ate some mini eggs and some chewy caramels and a fuckload of these Easter coloured Mike & Ike thingies. The yellow ones sort of taste like pineapple. Sweet Jesus, do I love those ones.

Whoa. See what I did there? Easter? Jesus? That was an accident. I think I might be a little bit high right now, actually.

In fact, I am so high that I have decided to publish my email address so that you can send me secret messages if you feel like it. I KNOW, RIGHT? I'm like, reaching out to my public and shit. If I wait long enough, perhaps they might reach back. Preferably in a non-creepy manner.

Do it.

I might even write you back. But I promise nothing. NOTHING!

Yep. I'm totally high. Sucrose, muthafuckazzzzz!


brie said...

Can I just say...I am SO HAPPY THAT IT IS MINI EGG SEASON!!! Ahem.

brie said...

Also, I am 99% certain that I have, on more than one occasion, rocked inappropriate work cleavage. Work it, gurrrrl!