Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Today is for waking up with a sore shoulder and strange bruises on your legs and hips with no idea how they got there.

Today is for watching everyone else be angry.

Today is for having bad hair, a bad outfit and good makeup.

Today is for feeling like your head is stuffed full of thoughts. And cotton balls. Mostly cotton balls.

Today is for asking yourself what it is you really want to do with your life.

Today is for coming up with the most vague answer ever in time for the aforementioned question. (I want to make things that people like.)

Today is for forgetting that you were supposed to go to dinner at your Grandma's house.

Today is for being sleepy and stupid, but in the most endearing way possible.

Today is for being quiet.

Today is for reading old text messages and wishing someone would send you new ones.

Today is for wanting the phone to ring and feeling a little relieved when it doesn't, because you don't know what you would say if it did.

Today is for anticipating the arrival of the mail.

Today is for going to Costco.

Today is for wondering what will happen.

Today is for wanting things to happen.

Today is for knowing that the things you wish to happen probably won't and understanding that it is better that way.

Today is for not really caring about logic and wishing for things anyways.

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brie said...

For me...Today was for going to the mall after work and buying two of the same dress because it was really cute. And today was for worrying about money, but that's okay.