Thursday, March 26, 2009

I didn't know!

The other day it was Sarah Jessica Parker's birthday. Which meant that I read (and heard) a number variations on the same joke: SJP looks like a horse.

Huh? I seriously never thought she looked like a horse. I was kind of amazed to hear so many people saying that. So I took an informal poll at work today. (Only men were asked.) The consensus seems to be that yes, she does indeed look like a horse. It was almost as if they felt that mere words could not enough to convey how totally unattractive they found her. I thought this was amazing. I always thought she was kind of cute.

(Side note: Apparently Julia Roberts is also completely unattractive. She has large teeth and this is an issue for them.)

ANYWAYS... the whole reason I asked them was because of my earlier post about my own insecurities. It made me wonder if SJP looks in the mirror and thinks that she looks like a horse. She probably does. But then she puts on some friggin' Prada and forgets about it for awhile.

It also made me think about how I really want some Prada. This, I think, is the real lesson here.


Anonymous said...

dude at the corner sells "Prada" for ten dollar. No? Nine dollar.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't look like a horse... it's a foot. Sarah Jessica Parker looks just like a foot.

Anonymous said...

foot... horse... they're both jokes from family guy episodes...
so i'd say that this poll just proves that the men in your office watch family guy.
which is, of course, no surprise.

but SJP is tragically unattractive. it's really quite sad... how body... weird face. (yes, also a family guy joke)

Anonymous said...

i agree. prada would fix a lot for me, too. or jimmy choo. or christian laboutin. especially laboutin.