Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Uh-oh. I think I killed it.

I have this thing that I like to do sometimes, which is actually sort of sad in a way. But I think it's kind of fun, so I still do it.

When I hear about music festivals or conferences that I can't afford to ever go to, I like to explore the websites and plan out what I would go see if I was there. It kind of makes me sad because I can't go, but imagining is also way fun!

Yesterday someone mentioned SXSW to me, so today I decided to take a look at what I would want to see. I was looking at all the panels for the interactive festival and I think I would totally go to this one, because I think I have maybe done exactly this:

Your Personal Blog is Dead

Do you Twitter, Flickr, or Facebook? Then you could be guilty of blogicide. Users of those and other social networking applications are accused of helping to kill off the personal blog. And that may not be so bad. In this interactive session, we'll present the evidence. You be the jury.

Ruh-roh. I didn't mean to kill it. It was an accident! I swear!

PS: I want you to know that I do not advocate use of the word blogicide. I mean, seriously. Blogicide? REALLY?

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