Wednesday, February 07, 2007

And I raaaaaaan... I ran in the same plaaaaaace...

... because I was on a treadmill. I'm telling you, A Flock of Seagulls has got nothing on me. I can totally run better than them. Had I not been on a treadmill, I totally would have ended up "so far away". Two miles away, actually. It was actually pretty fun, jogging away and rocking out to my sweet music. UNTIL THE 30 SECONDS LATER WHEN THE FREAKING HEADPHONES FALL OUT OF YOUR EARS.

You see, I have an mp3 player. It looks like this:

I didn't buy it. It came for free with my computer. Minor details. HOWEVER, please note the crappy-ass headphones that come with it. They are earbuds. EARBUDS THAT DO NOT STAY IN MY EARS.

Every day when I am on the bus, I have to shove them back into my ears about 17 million times. Yesterday when I was running, I had to shove them back into my ears about 17 million times. This is becoming a very annoying situation for me. But I don't want to buy new headphones that are NOT earbuds... because they will be big. I think that having headphones that a bigger than my actual music player is totally dumb. Plus they will need to fit in the designated music pocket in my work bag, and if the headphones are larger they will not fit.

So, come on then. What's a girl to do? I need answers. Give them to me.

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Lydia said... earbuds don't fall out of my ears...they came with my iPod. Hmm. Maybe you should upgrade.

Or get bigger earholes.