Friday, February 16, 2007

The Bedouin bus stop.

I love the Cambie bus because it is WAYYYYYYYYYY less disgusting than my other transportation options going to and from work. (#8 Fraser, I'm looking at YOU...) But this whole construction business is throwing my commute into a tailspin! Why? Because they keep moving the damn bus stops.

It has been going on for months. It started up at King Ed, where they kept moving the bus stop down about 10 feet at a time, before finally settling on putting it one block away at 24th. Or so I thought. One morning, I got off my connecting bus only to discover that there was no more bus stop there... I had to walk all the way down to 18th. It was total bullcrap. After a week of trekking all the way down the street, I noticed that they had actually moved it to the other side of King Ed, behind some large trees on the boulevard. Jerks.

As soon as I had finally made peace with the situation, they started effing with my shit AGAIN. This time, it was at Broadway. They moved it to the middle of the road, back again, back to the middle of the road, and the yesterday it was just... gone. Vanished. Who knows what the hell they did with it. According to Rob, if one is taking the #15 from downtown and wishes to get off anywhere from the bridge to Broadway, it ain't gonna happen. Once you cross the bridge, your ass ain't going nowhere until 10th, where they stop the bus in the middle of the road and you jump off at an unmarked stop. WHAT THE FRIG???

So now I have to walk up the road and find my mystery bus stop. No matter how annoying it may be, it's not nearly as annoying as riding the #8 with the hobo crazies who like to stomp on your feet when you are wearing sandals and totally not even apologize leaving you to hold in the pain and not say anything because that stupid whore is DRUNK and you know she will have no problem with knifing you. Stupid flipping cow. I was so close to hitting her in the goddamn face.

So ANYWAYS... I'm still taking the Cambie. GOOD TIMES!

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