Tuesday, February 13, 2007

If only I had laser eyes... then I wouldn't have to wait in line to heat my lunch.

I've become so used to having a microwave in the lunchroom at work that it almost never occurs to me to take something for lunch that doesn't need to be heated up. I usually end up eating leftovers from the night before... and I'm totally okay with that. But now I think I have to re-think my whole POA for lunches... why?

Because Craig keeps breaking the dang microwave.

Yesterday Dave and I were waiting patiently for our turns heating up our food... I was pretty stoked about my lunch because it was potatoes and stuffing! Craig took his food out... Dave put his food in and closed the door... and then it died. We got no love from the microwave. So we had to buy lunch, and both of us pouted all the way through it.

Today I was lucky. I got downstairs BEFORE Craig did... so my food was a-ok. But then he came down... cooked his food... and then it died. Again.

Obviously his lunches are just too intense for our ghetto microwave to handle. But I bet they are delicious.

I think we need to develop a system. I'll bring sandwiches on Craig's hot lunch days and
vice-versa. That way, we are both happy. As for everyone else... that's their own damn problem.

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