Thursday, February 15, 2007

These landlords must be on to something...

Looking for a place to rent is bloody annoying. Everything is too goddamn expensive. Then, when you find something fairly decent sounding that does not cost $1 billion a month in rent, two little letters pop up in the ad that RUIN EVERYTHING.


I freaking hate N/P! N/P is ruining my life! Lydia has two cats... which classify as P's... therefore SCREWING US OVER WITH THE N/P POLICY! I am not the biggest fan of said P's, but I don't think it's fair that they be subjected to racial profiling (THE CAT RACE...) when they are just trying to find a place to live in a neighborhood that is closer to the cute boys... erm... the grocery stores and convenient bus routes. Yes... that's it...

So, if you happen to become aware of a cute place that is cheap, large and the landlords are all, "Dude, we are totally all about the P's." then please, let me know.

Until then, I will try to come to terms with my feelings of resentment towards the P's in question.

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