Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The problem with parents watching cable tv.

Yesterday at work, I saw the most amusing thing. THREE TIMES. Here is the story.

One of the dudes I work with came walking around the corner where my office is. He is definitely a Dad type. Who knows how old he actually is, but lets just say he is way the heck older than I am. Just keep imagining what this would be like if it was your Dad. ANYWAYS, so he comes walking around the corner, and he was singing something very softly. At first all I could make out was "California... dadadadaaaaa" then when he got closer to my door, I distinctly heard "In the citaaaaayyyyyyyyyy, city of Compton..."

HE WAS SINGING 2-PAC. I almost died a little. It was so great.

And then it happened two more times in the afternoon. How a Dad ends up singing California Love by 2-Pac, I don't know. But I'm sure glad he did. Dads are crazy!


Anonymous said...

I heard gangster's paradise on jack the other day at work.

sarah said...


I always knew you were smart enough to learn how to type. Next time I come visit you, we will play KONG for reals. I miss you, puppy.