Friday, February 23, 2007

It will never be the same again...

So last night while I was watching tv, I saw 2 commercials that really bothered me.

The first one was for Target. It was about makeup. The song featured in it was "A Little Bit More" by Jamie Lidell. JAMIE LIDELL!!! When did he go all mainstream on me? I kind of freaked out a little. I don't know why.

The second one was even more shocking and disturbing. Cesar Dog Food... which featured little dogs running around to... "I Think I Need A New Heart" by the Magnetic Fields! DOG FOOD!

What is going on here? My world doesn't make sense anymore.

I mean... DOG FOOD? If they were selling iPods I wouldn't even care. But DOG FOOD? That's just wacky.

1 comment:

brie said...

Oh! That's one of my favourite Magnetic Fields songs. And that is weird. But I love dogs, so I'm kind of okay with it...I guess that's pretty weird too.