Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It is Wednesday! Regular old Wednesday!

You may remember that last year on this particular date, I chose to not celebrate lurve with the masses of consumers and instead celebrated my own festival... the festival of swearing! I really got into it last year and made no effort whatsoever to bring joy and love into people's hearts. Instead, I swore at them. Oh, don't worry. I wasn't mean about it. It was just your pleasant-type swearing... things like "Happy Valentines Day to you too, fuckwad." and "Happy fucking Valentines Day!"

Alas, this year since I was soooooooooo busy up in this place of employment I didn't get enough interaction with people to really take it to the swearing limit. So instead I brought homemade cookies and stuck them in the lunchroom. I did so kind of anonymously... that way when people take the cookies they will be all, "Wow, these are from someone who really gives a crap..." but since they don't know it is me they won't think I give a crap! Which is good, because I don't. It's pretty much the perfect plan. It's not as awesome as the swearing festival... but it's something. This year, I ended up using the phrase "Shoot, this is a frigging load of bullcrap!" over and over again. Now that I think about it, that's actually way funnier! Heh.

I have big plans tonight... I'm going GROCERY SHOPPING... likely followed by COOKING MY OWN DAMN DINNER... and then a little bit of DOING LAUNDRY. And then maybe yoga. FUN TIMES. But at least it's cheap. HA!

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