Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Heck yes! I would.

Holy crap, do I ever wish I had come up with this.

... and this.


Dear Vern Fonk,

Holy mother of all that is sacred and true, you need to give me a job in your marketing department. It is like I was meant to write your commercials. Need a spec? I'M ON IT LIKE GRAVY ON POUTINE. You won't regret this, Mr. Fonk. You surely won't.




Anonymous said...

Those might have been funny 2 YEARS, just dumb.
There's no way I would go to that dude for insurance. A Burrito, yes...but not insurance.

sarah said...

But that's exactly why it's so funny... because they are so behind the times.

Also because I never really got over the Saturday Night Fever one where they danced and sang "Vern, baby, Vern! Vern Fonk Insurance!" to the tune of Disco Inferno.

Lydia said...

NO WAY. I was just thinking the other day that I really wanted to see Napoleon Dynamite again. It's classic.

Vern Fonk is no bandwagon jumper. He was just biding his time to make these ads.