Tuesday, March 27, 2007

One way or another, I'm gonna find you, I'm gonna getcha-getcha-getcha!

I am a girl on a mission. And I need your help on this one, ladies.

I was out shopping with the sister on Saturday and we stopped in at Roots, which is where I saw this:

It is the coolest fanny pack EVER MADE. Just imagine... I could be walking down the street in Vegas, carrying all my crap with me BUT NOT CARRYING A STUPID PURSE! It's amazing. I need it. I want it.

The problem is, Roots knows just how friggin cool this thing really is, so they priced it at $88.00.
I really don't want to spend $88.00 on a fanny pack. Mostly because if people found out that I spent $88.00 on a fanny pack, they would totally judge me... and we don't want that now, do we?

No. We don't. So, my mission is to find a similar version that is not leather and is therefore cheaper. I have no idea where I'm going to find such an awesome bag. Which is why I need your help. If you can think of anywhere that I might find a fanny pack that does NOT look like the one my dad wore circa 1992, please share this information with me. I will be forever grateful.

Please, people. Help me give my poor shoulders a much deserved break from carrying all my crap.

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brie said...

Eff that expensive fanny pack, Sarah. If you're gonna go fanny I think you should go completely traditional---ie. nylon and brightly coloured preferrably with "Rad" written on it somewhere. If you're dead-set on a fancy-schmancy pack I would suggest trying somewhere like Army and Navy. They often have hidden treasures like that. Also, I hear they have cute rubber boots. Good luck.