Wednesday, March 07, 2007

When nerds find friendship, magical things happen.

Conversation yesterday at lunch:

ME: I hate making reports. They are so dumb.

CRAIG: Yeah. The program we use for our reports is really badly set up. You can't create templates for custom reports!

ME: No templates??? That's so ghetto. I hate the program I have to use for reports. Did you know that you can't even use a mouse to navigate? Every time I use it, I'm all , "GOD! What is this, friggin DOS???"

CRAIG: (laughing) DOS... Oh, DOS... but I wish I didn't have to use a mouse at all. Keyboards are way faster.

ME: I don't mind using a mouse. It's alright. Friggin' DOS...

Ironically, some of our co-workers are under the impression that we are the cool kids... little do they know, that if they actually sat at our table at lunch they would be subjected to our endless conversations about science.

Seriously, one day we talked about performing chemical titrations. It's that bad.


Anonymous said...

Interesting conversation. Have a great day and don't worry, sometimes we friends are at an equal loss for words and topics to discuss.
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Anonymous said...

The conversation sounds quite was fun reading but its nothing unusual..happens between friends coz its not always necessary to pick up a topic for conversing with friends..u can even sit and laugh together or fight without any wishes :)