Friday, March 02, 2007

When it's true love, you just know it.

I just wanted to take a moment before starting work to let you know that I'm totally in love with Donald Sutherland. He's so brilliant. He's the perfect combination of nerd and cool. When he was in university he graduated with a double major... engineering and drama! He's pretty much the perfect man for me... except for the fact that he is nearly old enough to be my grandfather.

It's mostly his voice though. He has the most amazing speaking voice ever. If his voice was in a kung-fu fight with James Earl Jones' voice, Donald's would win for sure. Because it's so hot. PLUS... he makes lovely children... like Kiefer and Rossif whom I am also terribly in love with. So, basically... what I am saying is that I have a thing for Sutherlands.

You should also know that if you could manage to channel Donald's voice, you could pretty much get away with saying anything to me because it would sound like magic. *swoon*


Anonymous said...

Holy crap you are a total creep. lol, jk.

sarah said...
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sarah said...

I didn't mean to delete that. What it said was:

I hate you.

Did you not see him in Animal House? He was totally hot in that movie! MASH too.


Embot said...

Also, was married to Tommy Douglas' daughter, and he is my dead politician crush du jour.

This is why Kiefer is the perfect storm of delicious.