Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Canada's Next Top Indecisive Little Twit

This morning I was late getting out of the house because I couldn't decide what to wear. 7 outfits later and I wore the first thing I tried on. Then I discovered that I had forgotten to do my dishes from the night before... and frantically tried to wash some of them... but got only a few done before I looked at my watch and ran out the door.

I am wearing no makeup, haven't eaten breakfast, am not totally satisfied with my outfit and probably have questionable hair.

I think I'm going to have to start picking out my outfits a week in advance.


Embot said...

I can top this. This morning I took eggshells to the compost - in the rain, no coat - and LOCKED MYSELF OUT OF THE DAMN HOUSE. I tried to break in about eight different ways, finally my neighbour had to come to the door in her bath towel and give me her key. I am horribly humiliated.

brie said...

Sean had the same problem this morning Sarah---he could not decide what to wear. Of course, all his outfit changes occurred while I was trying to sleep in.

I am also a fan of the panini pressed bagel with cream cheese. Yumsssss.

sarah said...

Hmmm...this Sean fellow sounds like a cool guy! I automatically like anyone who appears to have similar thought processes to me. Mind you, his problem was probably more like, "Holy cow, I have so much awesome Japanese denim. How will I ever decide?" whereas mine was more like, "Holy cow, everything makes me look fat!" The jury should note that I am totally eating Haggen Dazs as I type this.

WHAT? I get it for free at work!

brie said...

I wish I got free ice cream at work...

Rest assured Sarah, Sean has similar worries to yours. He had no problem picking out the jeans, it was the rest of the outfit. Particularly memorable was when I had to put on my glasses because he wanted me to tell him if the shoes he was wearing made his feet look small.