Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Don't stop till you get enough.

Conversation I overheard at the bus stop between hilarious gay dude (HGD) and his lady friend (LF):

HGD: "OMG I can't wait to get my nose job!"
LF: "What? Why do you want to get a nose job?"
HGD: "BECAUSE... I don't like my nose."
LF: "Oh, come on!"
HGD: "Seriously. I already know what it will look like. I'm getting Michael Jackson's second nose."
HGD: "Yeah, it was totally cute."
LF: "So you're just going to go to the doctor and say 'I want Michael Jackson's second nose. Be careful. If you hit the third one, you've gone too far!'"

Amazing. I was dying a little on the inside trying to hold in the laughter.

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