Sunday, June 24, 2007


I'm sitting in the Media Lounge at the jazz festival. I'm waiting. Waiting for something to happen. It's really very boring at the moment. You would think that this place would be brimming with attractive musician types... but not so much. Most of them are old men. Or men who do not speak English. Or old men who do not speak English.

There was one lovely boy who wandered in here to ask a question about where one might get some breakfast at 2 in the afternoon. Since I ALWAYS want to eat breakfast at 2 in the afternoon on weekends, I was kind of smitten. His sweet CBC t-shirt helped too.

Now all I can think of is what kind of food I'm going to eat. I really want some noodles and dumplings. Where might one find such culinary delights in this neighborhood? The internet will help me. Hey, awesome. There's only 3 and a half hours to go until I blow this popsicle stand. Woooooooooooo. *yawn*

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