Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic *

Okay, so I totally just whined about not eating breakfast due to being unable to dress my damn self... but I am not sorry that happened anymore.

The reason I am no longer upset about it is because I went across the street to the deli and got a bagel with cream cheese. They toasted it in this panini grill thingy and it got all flat and squishy... and you know what THAT means... more surface area for cream cheese! Woot!

The cream cheese got all warm and gooey and I ate it like a sandwich. It was so friggin good. How have I not been eating this every goddamn day for the past 20 years? But seriously... this panini grill technique is revolutionary! I even wrote a haiku about it:

bagel with cream cheese:
squished by grill for paninis
you unsquished my soul

Oh, I know. HAHAHA! This is what will happen the next time I go get a bagel.

In the game of life, the deli across the street just got 15 million points for cream cheese bagels. They are totally the winners right now.

* I'm pretty sure that the "she" refers to a cream cheese bagel.

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