Monday, June 25, 2007

Friggin' transit.

This morning I had a breakfast meeting at 9am. The previously mentioned President of the Universe was going to be there, so I did NOT want to miss it. He's terribly charming and I kind of have a crush on him. I DIGRESS. So yeah, breakfast meeting! That meant free muffins and whatnot from Bread Garden. Woot. I left my house at a perfectly reasonable time, that would have normally had me arriving at work at exactly 8:30am.


On my way to the bus stop, a bus drove past me just before I got to the corner to cross the street. This happens to me pretty much every morning, so I didn't think much of it. I got to the bus stop and waited. They usually come along every 5 mins, so I wasn't concerned. But then it was 10 mins later. And 15 mins later. At this point, there was quite the little lineup forming. Finally, after 20 mins there was a bus coming down the road. It drove right past us, because it was FULL. We all kind of groaned in collective annoyance. So then we waited some more. Another 10 mins goes by. But hark! Another bus! Also full. Totally drove past.

At this point I was debating with myself whether or not I should just give up, run home and hop in my car, or wait it out a little longer. Since I had already waited over half an hour, I decided to stick it out. I finally managed to cram onto a but at about 8:40am! I was totally late, but was hoping that I could still make it for 9am. The rest of the ride was relatively quick, so I felt okay about it.

Then when I got to my second bus stop, I waited for another 10 mins. I was pretty pissed off about being late, because I wanted to avoid having EVERYONE STARE AT YOU when you walk into a room late. Things were loving along pretty well down Cambie street... until suddenly at 10th ave, I heard this huge BANG!!!! and the whole bus lurched. People went flying forward and everyone was yelling. We all just kind of stood there, confused. The back door light went on, so instead of sticking around to see what the heck happened, I was all, "Bitches, I am LATE! Out of my way!" and I ran down the street.

I got to work, snuck in the super secret back way and got there just before the meeting started. I ate a delicious muffin and didn't miss a thing. *whew*

I really do love the environment, but EFF is transit ever annoying sometimes. Which is why I am totally selling out and driving my car downtown tonight. HA!

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