Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Obrigado, Bebel.

Bom dia!

Last night I saw Bebel Gilberto at the Centre. She is the funniest, strangest little woman ever. She pranced around the stage in her boots and metallic minidress, rolled around on the floor Madonna style (circa 1984 MTV awards, Like A Virgin), and took sips of wine in between songs. They had this really funky chair in the middle of the stage on a platform, which she used to lounge around in while she sang. She's got a lovely voice, and when you are listening to her music it makes you feel like you are sitting in the sun and having a fantastically lazy day.

I especially loved her interaction with the audience... which was in hilariously cute randomized English. "When you break the ankle you break the leg AND the foot. Both! Help heal my leg, Vancouver. Chant with me. Give me your energy." This is where she led us in meditation chants... "OMMMMMMMMMMM. OMMMMMMMMMMM." "Come on, Vancouver. Imagine me jogging." So funny.

If you haven't heard her, here is a little taste. This song is in English, which I enjoy because I can't understand when she sings in Portuguese. If I hadn't returned those "Learn how to speak Brazilian Portuguese" tapes to the library 5 years ago, I probably WOULD understand. (Don't worry, Brie. I did return them. You don't have to turn me in to the library authorities!)

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