Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bangers and mush.

"Mush" refers to those parts on your body that are not quite as firm as you'd like them to be. As for bangers... well, that's something different.

Lately I've been watching this show on W Network called "How To Look Good Naked". It's a UK import and I love it. The host is Gok Wan, your hilarious and cute gay best friend. He's awesome because he's British and therefore can easily get away with saying ridiculous things and throwing around various slang terms for breasts. He can regularly be heard saying things like "I love your rack." "You've got great tits!" and my personal favourite, "Look at those bangers!"

The reason I enjoy this show so much, is because the title suggests that it would be a very different type of show than it actually is. I figured it would be like the run of them mill makeover shows we have in North America where they take a pudgy woman, put her on a crash diet, stick her on a treadmill and POOF! 5 weeks later she looks good naked. I was truly amazed the first time I watched it because not once did they ever suggest that a woman lose weight or have surgery done to allow her to look good naked.

It's really all about taking an ordinary woman, who like many of us, has body issues and giving her some confidence. They take a picture of her in her underwear and show it to people on the street. They all talk about what her best body features are. Then they work to show her how totally out of whack our own perceptions of our bodies are.

The makeover part consists of teaching the ladies how to dress for their body types, getting them the proper under garments and then of course, hair and makeup. That's it. No weight loss, here kids. Just a haircut, some blush and a nude photography session.

It's refreshing to see something on tv that tells ladies that they can look hot even with that extra bit of wiggle and jiggle. Check it out if you have a chance... it will surely make you smile.


Lydia said...

I saw the underwear buying portion of an episode the other day, and the lady went from a 38C to a 32G when they fitted her properly. And then they put her in a corset so she could wear a strapless dress. I want one!

sarah said...

Craaaaaaazy. I don't even know what it would be like wearing a strapless dress! Who knew such a thing was possible?

Erin Riley said...

I saw a bit of this show in SK (we don't have cable). You're right. It's great.

sarah said...

hi sarah. i got here from erin's blog (land of many sarahs). i had never heard of this show before! i looked up a bunch of clips and posted a half rant, half glee kind of reaction on my blog. you know, if you want to see a link back to you :) thanks for the tip.