Sunday, January 06, 2008

It's just the worst.

Upon getting out of bed this morning after having the WORST sleep EVER I came to discover that my beloved little blue fish, Potsie, was totally dead at the bottom of his little bowl.


I moped around the house while I disposed of the remains in a modest memorial service. (Basically, it was me standing there saying "Peace out, Potsie." and flushing him down the toilet.)

But then I went to visit my parents and my mom fed me homemade turkey soup with freshly made cheese biscuits and I felt a little better.

However, that feeling was taken away when my back really started to hurt and had to go to THREE different stores on the way home to get some damn Robaxacet. Apparently they can't sell it in stores after the pharmacist has gone home. WTF? ANYWAYS... I finally got the medicine and was cruising home, only to discover that the Knight street bridge had been shut down north bound due to a crazy accident. So I had to deke off and go ALLLLLL the way over to Oak. LAME!

I got home way later than I should have, I'm tired and I have to get up and go to work in the morning. And now I have no fish.

It's just the worst.

But I do have turkey soup for lunch tomorrow, so it's not all bad. *sigh*

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