Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Not even the lemoniest of danishes could wake me up...

On occasion I find myself sitting at my desk staring straight at my computer screen thinking to myself, "OHMYGODIAMSOTIREDIWANTTOTAKEANAPRIGHTNOW." You know I'm tired when I can't even be bothered to punctuate. I am all about punctuation!

ANYWAYS, the point is that today is one of those days. I feel soooooooo sleepy and I just can't shake it. I didn't even wake up after eating my free breakfast at work. Or after having tea.

So there I was, sitting at my desk after lunch when I got an idea. I peeked around and made sure no one was looking... and then I crawled under my desk for a little surveying. In the current setup, it does not allow much room for napping. (I suppose that is the point. I imagine most workplaces frown upon that sort of thing.) If I were ever in dire need, I suppose I could shift some things around and have plenty of room for a power nap.

Of course, I am way too chicken to ever actually take a nap under my desk. I just wanted to see if I could.

HOWEVER... I think it should be noted that if our wacky little North American work culture were more willing to adopt a more relaxed, European view of things then I wouldn't have to resort of crawling under my desk. I could nap openly in this thingy:

It's a nap pod! It's awesome! Maybe one day we will all have nap rooms. I would gladly eat lunch at my desk if I could go take a nap on my lunch break. For serious.

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Lydia said...

I think our culture should be more accepting of siestas, like the Europeans. Although that nap pod looks Japanese.

I love lemon Danishes, and they are free at work every morning in the hostel breakfast. I never let myself eat them.