Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's tricky. (How is it, D?)

Sometimes when I am in transport (on the bus, walking down the street...) and listening to music I find it extremely difficult to fight the urge to dance. And sing.

I fear that one day I will be making an appearance on someone else's blog as "crazy girl on bus who randomly sang Kool and the Gang". (Shut up. As if you don't sing along to Celebration when they play that shit at weddings.)

I think I was unintentionally lip synching to "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb" while I was walking to the bus this morning. Thank goodness I wasn't busted by passerby! That would have been mildly humiliating. I've caught tons of people singing and dancing on the bus, and I have judged them harshly for it.

I think I need to take preventative measures. For starters, to avoid spontaneous bus dancing I should probably not put this here Jay-Z track on there...

Seriously. What is it with the dude and wicked friggin' horn samples? Jesus. I can't fight it!

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