Thursday, January 24, 2008

Movin' out, Billy Joel stylez.

Tomorrow is moving day! That's so lame!

I'm getting kicked out of my office and moved to a temporary office, which kind of SUCKS. Mostly because I will have no one to talk to, and people will be able to get to me easier... which in turn means I will be asked more questions that I do not want to be asked. *sigh*

I'm mostly upset because when all is said and done I will no longer have an office WITH A DOOR, but will be residing in a cubbyhole WITH CUBICLE WALLS. I don't really know how I can stress the importance of having an office WITH A DOOR. It is a big part of office politics, man. I never close my door, but having the option to do so gives me some sort of power. I guess because it allows me to be able to tell people to piss off and leave me alone in a non-verbal manner, therefore avoiding actually having to say those words to someone? I don't even really understand it. All I know is that having an office with a door is impressive to people.

I used to be able to have conversations like this:

ME: "Yeah, I have my own office."
NOT ME: "Cool."
ME: "Yeah... an office... WITH A DOOR."

Now it will be like this:

ME: "I sort of have my own office."
NOT ME: "What do you mean sort of?"
ME: "Well, it's really more of a cubbyhole... with 3 walls and a cubicle wall."
NOT ME: "No door?"
ME: "No door."
NOT ME: "Okay, well I'm going to go find someone interesting to talk to. Buh-bye."
ME: "But wait! I used to have a door!"
NOT ME: "And I used to be 20 pounds lighter. I think we both know that doesn't matter anymore."

So basically what I am saying is that I really like having a door. Wah.

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