Saturday, May 24, 2008

The best day EVAR.

Sometimes you just have crazy days. And they start out so simply... that you have no idea what it will snowball into. In my case it started out with a coffee. I got to work yesterday morning and was thinking about how I was going to need to make a trip to Starbucks when lo and behold, there was already a coffee sitting on my desk. Jackpot! My boss totally bought me a coffee. Awesome.

Then I went for a nice walk with Amanda at lunch and still had time to manage my workload. At 5:00 I got a call from downstairs asking me if I wanted free REM tickets. HECK YES, I did! I ran downstairs, grabbed the tickets and ran back upstairs to pack up my crap and leave work. Then Brie called me to ask if I wanted to go to the meet and greet with Heather B. Armstrong, aka Dooce! HECK YES, I DID!

So there I am, waiting for Brie to come pick me up near a parking lot behind the Cactus Club when someone comes out of the back of the restaurant. It was Rob Feenie! Right away I called Lydia because I know she would geek out about it. I was right. It was pretty hilarious. He came out again right when Brie got there and he drove down the street behind us. So crazy!

Now onto the REALLY exciting part. The meet n' greet was conveniently located in a bar so that allowes us to calm our nerves with beer. Mmmmm, beer. We met a cool girl named Tara in the lineup who was all by herself, so we chatted with her while we waited in the lineup. (It should also be noted that there were cute nerd boys there. I think I need to start going to more of these things!) When it was our turn Jon called us over and we shook hands. Seriously, guys. Jon and Heather are so friggin COOL. They are super sweet and super friendly.

I just kind of started talking and wasn't really nervous anymore... and I made them laugh. I, Sarah of this humble little blog with 4 readers made the blog superpowers laugh. I feel validated. Jon was nice enough to volunteer to take our picture so we could have a pic of both of us with Heather. Here it is:

We are cute! Heather is insanely tall and was wearing these amazing super hot heels. Maybe one day I can wear heels too? No. I cannot.

After we left I hopped on the train and ventured out to Deer Lake Park to see REM. I got there right when they started playing and managed to find Lydia so that was handy! It was pretty awesome, though I kind of wish they had played more old songs... because I like to sing. Out loud. Obnoxiously. And they weren't feeding that enough. But I like them anyways.

THEN... after the concert we went to see the Indiana Jones movie. I don't know how I didn't fall asleep during it, because at that point it was 11:00pm and I had already had a pretty freaking full day. I ate dinner at 11pm thanks to Taco Bell (I know, I know.). The movie was pretty entertaining, but I did have a few gripes about it. First off there is waaaaaay too much CGI in this movie for my liking. The other Indy movies had just as much action without being so fakey looking. I wish they had kept that going. The other thing was ummm... well, a major plot point, actually. This Crystal Skull business. Come ON, George Lucas! Aliens? Really? Had they just made it about some crazy generic non-alien artifact in the Amazon it would have worked better. Meh. Aliens. Stupid. I do have to say that Harrison Ford has aged REALLY well. Dude looks good for being so old! I can only hope I have that kind of luck.

So then I ended up getting to bed sometime around 2am and was slightly exhausted. The good thing is that since I packed so much friggin action into one day, I don't have to do a damn thing for the rest of the weekend and it won't be a waste. I rule!


Erin Riley said...

That is a killer day, my friend. Good work.

Anonymous said...

Myles said that Rob Feenie was on iron chef america and he won against chef morimoto and he is the best iron chef :)