Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am le tired.

Man alive. Weekends are not meant to leave you more tired than you were when you started them! But it's okay, because I had a lot of fun getting this tired.

My uncle got married on Sunday... and it was a million times more fun than I expected it to be. Drinking, dancing and looking really good takes a lot out of a kid. Also, I now have photographic evidence of my dad wearing a tux. He has since been instructed by my mother to purchase a suit, because he looked so nice. (And badass. Because he hates looking "nice".) Motorcycle dudes just do not like suits.

Also amusing was my Dad's friend Terry who had a brand new suit picked out for him by his girlfriend Celeste. With the grey suit she picked out a lilac coloured shirt and matching tie. The following was a discussion regarding his ensemble:

Me: "I like your purple shirt. I think it's cool. What would you call that colour? Lavender?"

Terry: "I call it a lovely shade of GAY."


Celeste: "Shut up, Terry. It's Lilac."

Terry: "Whatever. I'd rather be wearing black leather. It's much more manly."

Me: "Wha??? Since when is a purple shirt gayer than head to toe black leather? BLACK LEATHER???????"

*The entire table laughs*

Terry: "Point taken."

There are not many things more entertaining than drinking with family. Unless you include dancing in the equation, which is how it always should be when any sort of drinking is involved.

Yay for long weekends!

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