Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I should probably invest in some black eyeliner.

Last night standing outside GM Place after the Cure concert discussing The Cure vs. The Smiths:

Erin: "So what about Morrissey? Did he die? Is he still alive?"

Me: "Yeah, he's still around. He's always pretty close [to dying] though. He's very sad."

Man, those dudes were emo before emo was emo.


Anonymous said...

Black eyeliner is fine... FOR GIRLS.

brie said...

What about Morrissey?! What about Morrissey?!

Okay...seriously. He has released three albums in the last couple of years you guys. He is not dead or even close to it! Jeesh! He refuses to play concerts in Canada because the Canadian government won't ban the seal hunt, but his albums are still coming out here. And are still really good---and, get this, optimistic.

Okay, okay...You hit a Smiths nerve. They're my favourite band. I've been reading a retrospective collection of interviews with Moz and all I have to say is swoon!

sarah said...

Oh, Brie. It's okay. I love him too. But am I wrong? Is he not perhaps the saddest man in town? It's beautiful how sad he is.

Anonymous said...

ooo, i was going to say pretty much what brie said.

he *is* the saddest man in town, lol
he's so melodramatic.
i fucking love it.