Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My little black heart.

FACT: I had to get outside help when faced with the task of writing something in a sympathy card because I am severely awkward when it comes to talking to people who are going through emotional situations.

I am usually that person who makes jokes when everyone else is crying because I panic and I feel humour is my only resource. Either that or I just avoid talking about it altogether. I'm good like that.

So when it came time to write something in the card I couldn't think of anything, so I did something really weird. I did a Google search about what to write in sympathy cards so I could steal a sentiment.

I'm going to heck, aren't I?

I didn't end up using anything from my Google search because they all said things about praying... which is something I don't do. I may be a word thief, but I draw the line at lying in a sentiment. So I emailed someone I know who is pretty good at knowing the right thing to say. And then I wrote what he told me to write and added a little bit more of my own.

This makes me sound like a horrible person... but I really just didn't want to risk sounding awkward and insincere. Which is ironic, because one could argue that stolen words are insincere. But I really did mean them. I just had a little trouble putting it together.

There's hope for me yet!


Erin Riley said...

I've checked out sympathy cards in the store to try to figure out what to write on my own. I think it's a totally normal thing to do. Am I going to heck too?

sarah said...

Probably not. You are a way nicer person than I am!

I'm told it is a normal thing to be confused about. It's not an easy thing to do. I found it to be very stressful!