Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How odd.

So, I forgot to mention something crazy that happened on the weekend. I got a new cell phone!


It has a camera... and an mp3 player... and is all kinds of fancy. It is pink.

Naturally, after 5 years of oppression with my stupid old phone I was WAY excited about all these fancy new options I had available to me. Like ringtones. YAY!

So I was browsing around looking for a ringtone and before settling on the opening guitar riff of "Layla" (Seriously. How rad am I?) I came across a choice that I found to be a little strange. If I ever heard someone using this as a ringtone I think I would fall over. Due to the combination of explosive laughter and shock.

Steely Dan? Dirty Work? WTF?

Can you imagine? You are out in public and lets say you are chatting someone up. Things are going well... until your phone rings.

"I'm a fooool to dooo your Dirty Work... whoa whoaaaaaaaaa..."

Hey, guess what! Now you don't have friends anymore.

On second thought, I think my Dad would probably think that was a pretty sweet ringtone. But that just kind of solidifies my point, doesn't it?


brie said...

My ring tone for regular calls is a polyphonic version of "Livin' After Midnight" by Judas Priest. When Sean phones from our house it's "Ring Ring" by ABBA. phone is pink!

sarah said...

Mission accomplished! Awwww yeah.