Sunday, June 15, 2008

Effing vacations.

The message that was conveyed to customs officers by my old passport photo:

"Oh, hey guys! Look at me, being all youthful and travelling places. Aren't my glasses cute? Isn't this so fun? This is just the greatest. You just have yourselves a great day, alright? Awesome."

The message conveyed to customs officers by my new passport photo:

"First off, just let me tell you that I look WAY fucking cuter in my glasses. They are Chanel. CHANEL, I SAY! ANYWAYS... yeah I'm going on vacation. Whatever. I am really pale and splotchy. Also, I may appear to be a bit suicidal and generally mentally unbalanced. WATCH YO SELF."

Customs is going to be SO FUN for the next five years! Seriously, though. It is kind of bullshit that no one would let me take a passport photo with my glasses on. It is totally allowed!!!!!! Fuckers.

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